What is PSH?

PSH is a private, gentle and effective subconscious mind therapy model which utilises the person’s own natural inner abilities to make change.

Everyone has the resources that allow them to quickly and easily resolve subconscious problems. However most people don’t realise this.

Private Subconscious mind Healing is aimed at resolving the original subconscious cause of a presenting problem. Neither the client nor the therapist needs to be aware of what the perceived cause of the problem is - removing it permanently. This approach is totally non-invasive, which means clients - of any age – don’t relive traumatic experiences.

The client is guided by the therapist to activate the part of their inner resources that can gently and privately eliminate the basis of their ongoing difficulties.

With PSH you don’t have to talk about the problem. The changes are made within the privacy of the client’s inner mind. The therapist has no need to know the client’s secrets in order for change to occur.

PSH can help you to achieve permanent relief from problems you have unsuccessfully struggled with for years, restoring a balance of health and happiness.






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